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Product name : Attapulgite clay powder with high viscosity
Item : HX-ATTG


HX-ATTG Attapulgite clay p
owder of high viscosity


HX-ATTG Attapulgite clay powder of  high viscosity is a special formulated and customized product with high viscosity based on the natural attapulgite clay. It is characterized with strong adsorption and cohesion forces, and has good suspending and colloidal properties.

Technical Data Sheet
Item HX-ATTG-250 HX-ATTG-180 HX-ATTG-80
Disperse viscosity (mPa·s)                 2500     1800 800
Bulk density (g/ml)                             0.4 0.4 0.4
Residue on wet sieve (200mesh,%)  5 5 5
Moisture (%)                                      15 15 15
pH 8-10 8-10 8-10

25kg/50kg; Braided Bag; Jumbo Bag;

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