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Product name : Salt Gel
Item : HX-GEL

HX-GEL Salt gel 


HX-GEL Salt gel is an effective viscosifier for all water-base systems, including those made up with brackish water, seawater and saturated salt water.


HX-GEL Salt gel is used primarily to obtain viscosity in saturated or near saturated brine systems. HX-GEL Salt gel may also be utilized in high temperature drilling fluids to provide viscosity unaffected by high temperature flocculation. A concentration of 20 ppb HX-GEL Salt GEL  in saturated saltwater will yield a minimum viscosity of 15 centipoise. Maximum yield is dependant on efficient mixing and agitation.

Technical Date Sheet

Item Index
Appearance Powder
Size(mesh) 40-80           
Viscometer dial reading at 600 r/min                   ≥ 30              
Viscometer dial reading at 300 r/min                   ≥ 24
Residue of diameter greater than 75 μm (%)      ≤  8
Moisture(%)                                                         ≤ 15


25kg/50kg; Braided bags,Composite paper bag; Jumbo bag;

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